Hybrid Touareg’s Invoiced to Dealers

Hybrid Touareg's Almost Here – Example Invoice


Well, they're almost here. Dealers have had their employees trained, and some of the vehicles have already been invoiced. 

The following is an example:

                                                                                       MODEL/OPTION     MSRP

4DR TOUAREG HYBRID 8-SPD AUTO 4M               7P5293             60,565.00

Tungsten Silver Metallic                                                 K5K5                           0.00

Black Anthracite Interior                                                  JJ                                0.00



Trailer Hitch                                                                       1D6                        430.00


DESTINATION CHARGE                                                                                820.00



TOTAL___________________________________________       $61,885.00 




With an invoice date of early January, the vehicle should arrive soon. When it does I will secure pictures, and the rest of the details, and post them here.

Press Drives Golf eMotion

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.03.18 PM

(reposted from "Everything Green Page")

Press Gets First Opportunity in U.S. to drive Golf eMotion – VW's Full Electric Vehicle

The Los Angeles Auto Show will provide press the first opportunity to drive VW's all electric Golf eMotion. The all electric UP! will pre-empt the delivery of the Golf eMotion, but the year to watch for is 2013. That will be the key year for VW's introduction of it's electric vehicles. 


VW Initiates Special Training for Key Dealer Employees

For those dealers that have opted to sell VW's New Touareg Hybrid, there will be specialized training in Las Vegas. Attendance by three individuals selected by VW from each Dealership is required in order for the Dealer to obtain Hybrid allocation. A Sales Manager, a Service Advisor, and a Salesperson are chosen based upon such criteria as Master-Level Certification status, Tenure, and Touareg Sales History. A congratulatory letter was mailed to the Dealer Principal from Volkswagen of America, naming the chosen Dealer employees. Those selected will attend a special training event in Las Vegas highlighting the 1st Hybrid offering from VW. The event is scheduled in several waves in the month of November to allow for 3 employees per Dealer nationally that have "opted in".

Update December 2010

Now that the employees have returned from training, the intention of VW and their plans for the Hybrid Touareg have become clearer. The new Hybrid does get some impressive fuel economy – but that's just a bonus. The new Touareg Hybrid is FAST. It drives more like a V8 than a V6, yet gets fuel economy very similar to the TDI Touareg. So, what's the point? Performance AND fuel economy. If you want to tow something heavy, or if a large proportion of your driving is highway, then the TDI is probably the better matchup. Should you be like many of us, and have more city driving in mind – well then, the Hybrid Touareg is for you. The torque provided by the electric portion of the drivetrain is immediate and fun, with a capital "F", but you don't suck up a bunch of fuel as a bi-product. Mean & Green!  

Latest on Touareg Hybrid

Volkswagen's Announcement Today Regarding the Hybrid 2011 Touareg:


Supercharged Hybrid

As Volkswagen's first production hybrid electric vehicle, the all-new
Touareg 3.0-liter supercharged, direct injection V6 gasoline engine is
paired with a special electric motor that significantly reduces fuel
consumption and emissions compared to the previous V8 FSI model. The
electric motor is paired with a nickel metal-hydride battery pack
fitted beneath the luggage compartment. The 288 volt battery consists
of 240 individual cells and offers an energy density of 1.7 kWh. Both
systems are capable of running independently or together and when
combined, produce a total of 380 horsepower and 428 lbs.-ft. of
torque. The new supercharged hybrid allows Touareg to offer customers
V8 power with better fuel efficiency than a V6 engine.

The eight-speed automatic transmission ensures power is always
available, while helping the Touareg Hybrid achieve an EPA estimated*
25 mpg during highway driving. When the driver releases the gas pedal,
the engine will shut off while a special clutch disengages the
transmission from the engine, allowing it to "coast" forward emission
free without electric or combustion power to further aid in fuel

Regenerative breaking also allows the electric motor to recover
kinetic energy during coasting and braking to help recharge the nickel
metal-hydride battery pack. Touareg Hybrid can drive up to 30 mph on
pure electric power.

Another first for the Touareg hybrid is the standard Start-Stop
system, which automatically stops the engine during idling, for
example while waiting at a red light. In this system, the brake is the
control mechanism and when activated, stops the engine. When the brake
is released, the engine starts again. This function improves fuel
economy and reduces emissions, especially during city driving


The exterior changes to the 2011 Touareg reflect the refinements under
the hood. Compared to its predecessor, the 2011 Touareg is wider and
has a shorter overall height for a stronger presence. A longer
wheelbase and greater length provide more room inside the cabin, while
the use of new materials and other adjustments have removed
approximately 350 pounds from the vehicle.

At the front is a narrower grille opening that seamlessly connects to
the trapezoidal headlight housings that carry U-shaped LED running
lights and Bi-XenonTM High Intensity Gas-Discharged headlamps. The
housings flow into the new fender flares, and a pair of compact fog
lamps at the lower portion of the front fascia stand underneath the
Touareg's front air intakes. 

The hood features a raised portion that runs from the grille back,
finishing at the side mirrors and giving a more muscular appearance. A
chrome accent strip carries from behind the front wheels, and runs
along the bottom of the doors to complement the chrome touches
bordering the windows. 

The back of the Touareg is defined with pronounced curves around the
hatch area, new "L-Design" taillights, and a blacked out lower bumper
with a set of shaped, chrome exhaust tips. 

Another new design feature in the second generation Touareg is the
automatically opening and closing tailgate that can be operated from
inside the vehicle, at the tailgate itself or through a remote control
on the fully redesigned key fob.

The Touareg will be available in nine different colors including five
new colors: Cool Silver Metallic, Flint Gray Metallic, Toffee Brown
Metallic, Night Blue Metallic and Tungsten Silver Metallic (Hybrid

The V6 and TDI® Clean Diesel powertrains will be available in three
different trims: "Sport," "Lux" and "Executive." Each trim will come
with one of three different wheels. The "Sport" trim will have the 18"
Tacora alloy wheels, "Lux" trim will be equipped with 19" Everest
wheels and the "Executive" trim will come with 20" Pikes Peak wheels.
The Hybrid will only come in one trim, with 19" Everest alloy wheels.
All Touaregs will come standard with all-season tires.