VW Buys Shares in Carbon Company

SLG Carbon SE and the future of VW's Cars


So what's up with VW's sudden purchase of shares in  SGL Carbon SE? VW is hedging it's bet on lightweight materials of Carbon and Graphite, carbon ceramic brake discs, and lithium ion battery components for future vehicles. SGL Carbon SE is also an expert in making lightweight materials that are superior conductors of heat and electricity. Anyone else thinking high temperature fuel cell???? We are…..



VW displays Ultra-Green Electric Microbus Style Minivan with iPad Dash

VW's Mini MiniVan or MicroBus

The Bulli

These are a few of our very favorite things. A Microbus inspired mini-mini van, electric power train, with an IPad control center for comfort and entertainment features. The Microbus has been missed since it's departure from the US market (as have the Westfalia and Euro Camper vans). This modernized rendition may be just what the market needs. Space, ultra green power, and Apples cool iPad as an interface for creature comfort and entertainment. 

Would you want one, if the price was competitive? If you think so, let VW know! Rumor is that it's being seriously considered for production.